15 June 2008

Movie Reviews - Warning I may reveal things you don't want to know if you haven't seen the movie so keep that in mind

I figure since I went on a movie mania lately, I may as well review all the ones I have seen in the last month. (I will be adding more to this review but figure let me post what I already have)

Kung Fu Panda - Outstanding movie. Much better than I expected. My son enjoyed it immensely and it was still good for adults. We will probably end up seeing it again soon.

Indiana Jones & Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Well let me start off with I am a huge Indy fan and this was a disappoint. (Here come some spoilers) You never bring aliens into an Indy movie, they don't belong together. It was a great movie until they started to go there. It was typical Indy which is what I love but again the aliens thing ruined it. You would think after 19 years they could have come up with something better than that. Anyway I would wait until it comes out on DVD. I will say if you aren't a big Indy fan and just want an action movie then you should be good to go with this. Either way I know I will be buying it as I can't have my collection of Indy movies and Young Indy TV show go incomplete.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - I only went to see this because I had seen everything else that was out. It dragged on but it had it's good moments. I'd wait for it to come out on DVD.

Iron Man - Good action movie. The Air Force wasrepresented well. GO AF!!

Sex and the City - Good movie. They stayed with the series and that made sure it flowed well. The only issue I had with the movie was that it is long. I would have preferred to be sitting in my living room sipping some champagne watching it. Also (and here is one of the things I warned about) Samantha wasn't her usual self which was a let down, I expected her usual bluntness but didn't get what I was use to.

Speed Racer - Not so bad. Definitely wait for DVD.

Made of Honor - This was a pretty good romantic comedy. I found it funny and it kept my attention the whole time.

What happens in Vegas - This was better than I expected. It's a nice little comedy but I don't know if I would suggest you see it in the theaters.

Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay - This was just as funny as the first one well I think the first one was better but it is still very enjoyable. This time they used some political issues. I definitely recommend this and I will be buying it as soon as it comes out.