22 April 2009

The Home Depot situation

So way back in March, I did some renovations ( I didn't do them but had them done) to my kitchen and part of the renovation was a new counter top. So I decide to go to Lowe's first of course they are my place of choice and paid $35 to have someone come out and give an estimate. Well the installer called and after talking to Lowe's installer who said he would get as much money out of me as he could, I wasn't to pleased, and then I saw the price so I wasn't happy at all. Then I ask what it would cost just for the piece I needed and even that was pretty expensive. But Lowe's being Lowe's tried to help out and said they would talk to another installer and see if the price was different. They were taking to long to get back to me (which by the way they never).

Side note though, this is not my regular Lowe's so from now on I'll stick to the one that has giving me outstanding service every time, the one on Washington rd.

Back to the story, I decide to try out Home Depot which i haven't used since about 2004. Back then I had received horrible service and decided not to go back there again. I was hoping after 5 years this may have changed but NO, somethings never change.

I go in there and at first all is going well but that would not last. I received a great price for the counter top but didn't order it immediately. I came back the next day and order AND paid for it then left. I was told approximately two weeks. Not bad.

A week goes by and I get a phone call, sorry we charged you the wrong price you have to come in and pay an additional $168. Say WHAT. I think not. I tell them I will come in for my refund but by the time I do in I am not in the mood to start all over again so I think maybe I should try to negotiate the price because if you really think about it, they can't make me pay more. I already paid for the product in full and nowhere on the paperwork does it say the price can change (unless you are having an installation done). If you look at it this way, it would have been like me buying a BBQ at say $150 and telling them I will pick it up when it comes in. Then they call me back and say oops we charged you the wrong price, you need to pay another $168. They can't do that as it was paid in pull the first time.

To be nice I decide to see what can be done because when it comes to special order things, normal rules might now apply. After a lot of discussion, we agree I will pay an additional $50 and I do. So now I am told two weeks. Ok I guess. now we are looking at a delivery around 11 April. I don't hear anything from anyone well past the 11th so I go in on the 21 April and am told I should have it by Monday 27 April. Like I have a choice. Then comes Tuesday 28 April and I go in again and ask where is my counter top and after about an hour, the merchandising manager tells me, the company is having a hard time finding it and I should get it by 7 May. ARE YOU SERIOUS. I have been trying to get this thing since 19 March. Now I am a little upset and ask if there is any way we can negotiate a refund of the mandatory deliver fee of $60. Mr Songer (the merchandising manager) says to call him once I have received the counter top and he will see what he can do. I then said, the transaction will be done by then, how will that help me. He says to call Wednesday after 1500hrs to discuss.
This is where it stands, I still have no counter top and am hoping they will at least refund the delivery.

21 April 2009

Been a while

And this wont be long either. I am very busy at work lately working on Thunder Over Augusta a big Armed Forces Day event as well as working on the usual quarterly awards ceremony plus all other requests that have been flooding in.
I do have to say that finally my hot tub is in it's right position and location and hopefully today an electrician will come by and let me know how much it will cost to get it hooked up. If I'm really lucky this will be up and running soon. I really hope so.
I also got my garden together. Had fertilizer delivered on Friday and then bought some top fertilizer and other garden necessities (ok not really necessities but not the point) from Lowe's of course. And on a side note, I hope to write about why it took me 5 years to return to Home depot and why it will take even longer before I consider doing it again.
I planted seeds in my new garden early Sunday morning because I couldn't sleep. It is highly unlikely very much will grow as I have no green thumb to speak off. I also over-planted and did not follow the spacing requirements on the seed packets.
One more thing before I sign off, I have my first acupuncture appointment today for my back, I really hope this works because something needs to. Of course there will be more to follow on this.