06 March 2009

The New Kitchen

Below is the old kitchen to the right is the new:

Below old kitchen right new:

Below old view from living room right new:

So the renovations to my kitchen are more or less done. I just need to have the counter redone but it's not too obvious so I decided to post pictures. I really like what the guy did, he did a great job and this has really opened up the kitchen and the rest of the house too. It's not as dark anymore which I really like, I love the light:)

I just found out though that the counter top will probably not be as cheap as I expected it to be which is not good at all. Not that it was cheap to begin with but now it's getting ridiculous to have one piece replaced.

01 March 2009

Snow, Cirque De Soleil, Snow, Drive, Snow, snow snow

Do you see a pattern? Last I checked I live in the South, you know, like Georgia. Also upon closer review of my calender it seems that it says 1 Mar so pretty close to spring right. So why is it that it snowed ALL DAY and not just a wee bit, A LOT. We were trying to enjoy the Cirque De Soleil but the snow made it a wee bit harder. It was snowy and COLD. This show is in a big tent but the toilets and other things are unheated under a flimsy tent. Even the big tent wasn't that warm I think it was more the body heat of everyone there. The show was ok but not worth the mucho dollars spent. It was very loud so of course my son was not pleased. I think if the music had not been so loud it would have been more enjoyable. I think I will stick to watching it on TV. After the show we stopped for ice cream (yes it was still snowing and it was still cold) and then finally headed on the road.
This was not a fun trip. The snow did not subside and the roads got worse and of course because this is the south, they don't know how to drive in the snow. Eventually we came to a dead stop for almost an hour and a half to two hours. After abot 5h hours we finally made it home. The snow finally became rain about twenty minutes out. So we didn't get to enjoy the snow once we were safely snuggled into our home.
I think I'd rather be somewhere with all four seasons on a consitance basis instead of this, it's suppose to be warm most of the time but sometimes we have freak weather thing.