17 July 2008

Bored out of my mind

Let’s see what I can up date on…  Well ABQ is not as far ahead as I thought it was.  I thought all the paperwork was done so that all I had to do was submit a few things and off I would go but of course nothing can be that easy.  So far they don’t have my transcripts, which they need for the RPA (have no clue what that is), they don’t have a job description and the one-man shop is very busy.  So the question is, will everything be ready in time for me to leave when planned?  My boss seems to think so, I on the other hand am not as confident. 

On another note, I finally managed to take my son to the Zoo and I even got K to go with us.  I think we all had a good time.  We walked for what seemed like forever though and my butt was exhausted for days after wards but of course not my son’s.  I bought my son a stuffed Tiger and he named him appropriately after the best Mexican Restaurant in the world, Pancho (the restaurant’s name being Pancho Villa).  We went to eat afterwards at California Tortilla but I can’t really say I was please with the food, then again nothing compares to Pancho Villa food anyway so maybe it’s not the restaurants fault (actually it is because the food wasn’t good but that’s just my opinion which I am entitled to). 

Hopefully we will actually get to go bike riding along some river like we keep talking about.  I wouldn’t mind the exercise J Every time we have even considered it; it has been either too hot or raining. 

I have been doing a lot of research on ABQ and am actually now looking forward to getting there.  I have found that I can probably get a very nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house for about $925 at 1600-square-feet with a yard.  How nice is that.  I am also getting more info about the schools there and I don’t think they will be too bad.  Also gas is cheaper there so that is encouraging. 

I’m looking forward to the drive as I am already planning the most important stop on the way, at Chapel Hill, NC the student store on campus.  I’m already saving money for that stop.  I am still researching where else we could stop on the way but none will be as important as the first stop.

Did I mention we are currently taking a mandatory Strategic Communications class with our job and it’s not looking up to be very exciting, I think it would have been better if we had had a real issue to plan for like most of the people in the class.  This class did get me thinking about the things this internship has offered me and could offer others.  With the economy not doing well, and companies laying people off left and right, the security of this internship is a big seller.  I am glad that I don’t have to worry about getting paid (but I do worry a little about if they will get my pay right when I get to ABQ) but either way, I still have a job.  And this job will lead to another job if I want it and want to move higher in the organization.  I am still hoping this will eventually lead me to Germany so I can be near my family.

My son’s godfather is coming back from being deployed very soon and we’re looking forward to seeing him. I’m glad he was able to return before we left for ABQ as who knows when we would have seen him again.  He deployed right before we got to Arlington and we were suppose to be gone before he got back.  Glad some things work in mysterious ways.  Of course this means the wonderful 3-bedroom apartment we have been staying in will no longer be ours but everything has its price. 

I am so happy, no ecstatic that Third Watch has FINALLY come out on DVD even if it’s only the first season.  The other five will come eventually.  Considering the show first aired in 1999 and ended in 2005, it seems like it has taken forever just for the 1st season.

Coby Bell is so hot, I would take him to bed in a heart beat.  I still have not figured out why they cancelled this show. They could have easily gone another 5 seasons or more as long as they wouldn’t kill off or get rid of Coby. 

OK now that I know where I am going I am trying to figure out where to go for vacation after Thanksgiving before Christmas with one of my friends and her son.  We are considering somewhere warm of course somewhere around Nov to Dec.  I am hoping we can get a good deal for the Caribbean but it looks like most of the deals are to South America which I wont mind but have to ask her how she feels about it. 

Third note, I have to start researching how I can make it possible for my mother to move part-time to NM.  Since she is Canadian and gets her health care for free there, that is my biggest issue.  I am hoping to find a way to add her to my health care plan so that she wont have to worry about getting sick while visiting especially since NM is far from any Canadian border. 

Now comes the sad news, K & I have just realized we will be 8 hours apart which means we wont be at work at the same time L How will we talk to each other on AKO IM or DSN?  Oh of all the injustices of the world lol.  OK it’s not that serious but still.

I have read two books in the last three days and enjoyed the first one, “Stranger in Paradise” by Robert B. Parker.  The second one wasn’t as good, “Killer Weekend” by  Ridley Pearson, but it kept me going.  I am now on my third book YEAH me, it “Double Take” by Catherine Coulter.  I also recently read “Quicksand” by Iris Johnansen, it was a great book, kept me up way past my bedtime.  I love to read; my favorite authors need to start putting out quicker.  Just to name a few of them, they are:  James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Anne Perry, Catherine Coulter, Dan Brown, Sara Paretsky, Elizabeth George, Ridley Pearson, Lisa Gardner, Jeffrey Deaver, John Sandford, Carole Nelson Douglas, Iris Johnansen, Johnathan Kellermanm and Robert B. Parker.

OK I think that is enough.  I’m sure I’ll have more tomorrow as the class continues.