29 January 2009

Life's Little tid bits

Yesterday my son had a doctor's appointment and thinking back on it now, I have to laugh. This means of course something funny went down and I just have to share it.
We went to a new doctor today, Dr Jones (I thought he would like that as he loves Indiana Jones) for his annual visit. During this visit there was a possibility of shots or so I thought. We start with the basics, weight, height and now we're on to the little prick on the finger for some blood.
This is where all hell breaks loose. My child starts hollering how this is going to hurt beyond measure and I think he is just joking. As I go to get him, he takes off running around the doctor's office. I kept trying to grab him and at one point I had to laugh at myself because I could not believe he was doing this.It took 3 nurses to finally catch him and get him to where they needed him to be to take the blood. This whole time he is hollering how it's going to hurt. I have to hold his hand of course and then when they do it, he is screaming how much this little prick on the finger hurt. I was so embarrassed.
He was still crying pretty badly by the time we went into the room. He was better when he was younger.
Now I just have to laugh at that day. I can't wait to see what will happen when he actually needs to get shots.

27 January 2009

addicted to overstock.com

I have come to the realization that I am addicted to Overstock.com

How have I come to this conclusion you ask?

Well whenever I log into my overstock account, I see how many purchases I have made in the last 5 months. Well I don't see all of them because there are two pages worth:)

I really am enjoying that site and most of the things that I have purchased from there have been great with the exception of maybe one or two things.

I do encourage anyone who plans on buying just about anything online to check there first, they have some really good deals.

25 January 2009

The Birthday party

On saturday was the big day, my son turned 6 and the party was a success. The place we went to Jumpin Beans was basically an indoor inflatables place just for our party. The kids were running around everywhere more or less playing nice lol. 
Some kids showed up a little too early and their parents rolled out, which I wasn't too pleased about, especially since one was a sibling of an invited child. So now 4 or 5 kids were stuck in a little room until it was time for us to go in the big room.

Finally it was time, and the kids rushed into the room. There were more parents than I expected as couples came together not just moms. That was nice, gave the adults an opportunity to talk to other adults.

The theme was of course Star Wars, table cloth, plates, cups, center piece, ect, you get the point.  

The kids seemed to use up a lot of energy even though they only played in the inflatable area for about an hour and 15 minutes.  There was a money machine for the birthday boy which was pretty cool but he didn't really get the part about having to stuff the money out this small slot, he was holding  a lot when it turned off.  They also brought out this huge inflatable birthday chair for him to get his birthday picture in.  After that all the kids had to the room for food and drinks time.  We had pizza and cake, apple juice, fruit punch and water.  The cake was a big hit.  See below:

After the food and drink, it was open the presents time.  We were a little but rushed as out time was running out but we got through them.
Overall my son was happpy and enjoyed most of his presents (the ones he didn't will get exchange so no loss)