25 June 2009

Vacation Over :(

It’s definitely been a while since I wrote on here but that’s what happens when you combine vacation with starting on you Masters degree.

It seems like the month really flew by and it’s hard to believe class is done.  Well almost I have not quiet finished my paper yet so technically it’s not done yet since the work isn’t finished but class is.  The paper is very interesting and maybe if I had been at home this would have been done on time and then there would be no issues but spending my whole vacation doing assignments and not being able to relax and enjoy my family wasn’t cutting it.  I didn’t spend lots of cash on two tickets to Germany and save all my vacation time so I wouldn’t enjoy my time.  Well my lesson is learned, note to self, next time take school break when going on vacation or else it is not a real vacation.

Let’s up date, I have not heard from Home depot after emailing Cliff about the counter top people continuously trying to deliver the counter top while I was on vacation.  That was very stressful and really uncalled for I specifically told them I would not be available to take delivery until after the25 of June.  Since the email there have been no more unannounced delivery attempts but I also have not heard from Home Depot in any form so I have no clue where things stand at this moment.

I think next time I will also avoid checking my voicemail while away, it just brings up stressful situation that I can’t handle as I’m not there in person.

After the zoo we kind of just hung out as a family, we went to our local zoo and to Pirmasens for a hands on type how things work museum and then K went off to computer camp for a week which brought much joy to all of us.

I even was able to swing a trip or two to the spa ok maybe more like 5 or 6 trips but I did need some me time somewhere in this month long vacation

We of course went up to our Landstuhl castle “Burg Nanstein” and even took Kristen and Carl.

I was able to see Kristen and even Jen a couple of time, which was nice.  I really miss our time together at the “Palace”.  We went to visit Kristen and Carl in Heidelberg which a lot of fun.  They took us to a special event Heidelberg holds 3 times year to re-enact when the French attacked the Heidelberg castle and set on fire.  They light up the castle to make it look like it’s on fire and then they have fireworks afterwards.  We watched all this from downtown Heidelberg.  The next day we went to the Heidelberg castle to stroll around there some.  Then we went to Speyer to go eat at a Mexican restaurant, which of course wasn’t open yet.  That was our second attempt to go to a restaurant that wasn’t open.

During this whole time I was hoping to try and get a job over in Germany but no such luck so far.  I really want to move back home even if it is just for a few years.  I am also trying to get to Korea or Japan.  We’ll see if anything pans out, I wont ….


*****Side note *****

Ok completely off topic and it really is ticking me off since I am sitting here with no choice but look at a big breast sticking out of a shirt.  This lady two seats ahead of us to the left, is standing facing everyone on the plane breast-feeding her child.  While I have no issues with breastfeeding in public most people are courteous enough o others and at least are discreet about it.

Now that that has completely sidetracked me, I may have to end my current blog now and try to get back to it.

I will post this as is once I get off the plane and will start a new blog when I can get my thoughts together besides I am hoping we are landing soon but probably just wishful thinking.