04 September 2008

My first week in Augusta

Ok So we got here on Sunday and things have been pretty busy.  The drive was about 9 or so hours because i couldn't get motivated even though I really wanted to get here.  I took Monday driving around looking at some addresses and picking up a few things.
Oh did I mention my mother who is suppose to watch my son so I can go to work doesn't make it to the hotel until 1am.  I wasn't sleeping that well because I wasn't sure if I would end up taking my son to work with me.
Off to in-processing on Tuesday (which is a training holiday for everyone else) and all is going well.  I actually have everything I need, surprise surprise YEAH.  It takes about 2 hours.  Why do we have to do the same thing at every base we got to, we're in the system aren't we.
Now i head off to my office but there is no one there and I mean NO ONE there, I figured there had to at least be one person but no such luck.
I had to go see security at 1300hr so I went to lunch super early but before that tried to get other stuff done but no one of course was in.  After security I head home as there is nothing else  for me to do.  Just more time to look at some places.
Wednesday arrives and there are people at the office. YEAH and I actually get to see where I will be working out of.  I get my own office with a door and window.
And now i'm back to running around trying to do more stuff especially as I don't have access to computers.  I may even have to get a new id card so that it will work in their system here. I still can't get a key to my office though as that person is not in and the person who does the computer stuff is also not in so it's looking like next week may be the week i get further along.
So more of the same of nothing on thursday and friday except some staff meetings and a visit to the community expo where I pick up a few things and even win a $15 gift certificate.  I never win anything.  At first I won two meals to something on 10 Oct. (my birthday by the way) but I went back to them and told them I would not be here and to give it to someone else.  I didn't want anything back but instead they gave me another prize.
I do have to mention I have seen some hotties already, yeah new base.
Friday I spent looking at some house but there will be more on that.