05 June 2009

Really Home Depot has it come to this

Here I am trying to enjoy my vacation in wonderful Germany with my family, thinking that finally everything has been settled with my coutnertop from Home Depot and it should be waiting for me once I return. Right?
Wrong, although I mentioned several times in my meeting with Home Depot that I would not be able to accept delivery of my countertop because I would not be available, they have (well not home depot but their sub-contractor) attempted to deliver the countertop a few times already. I even received a phone message from the delivery guy that he was at the house and no one was there. Then I received another message from the delivery guy saying he was trying to deliver the countertop. First off this company has a habit of just showing up without calling before hand to deliver. On one occassion I was in a meeting and could not leave on the second occassion I had to take time off work to meet them at the house, only to find out the countertop was the wrong size.
So here we are, they are trying to deliver again without calling AND home depot obvisouly forgot to mention that I would not be able to take delivery until later on. It went even so far that Home Depot called me saying that this other company attempted to deliver the countertop but they couldn't reach me and they just wanted to let me know that they would be trying again on 9 June. Hello I will not be there.
I have even emailed Cliff (the Home Depot manager type) to remind him about the fact that I had told them in the meeting I would not be able to take deliver during specific dates. He has not yet emailed me back so I am not pleased.
This is not the type of thing I want to be thinking about on my vacation.
Ok that's it, I hope to not have to mention this issue again.

31 May 2009

Amneville Zoo France

OK Let's start off with the fact that this is a pretty cool zoo BUT and this is a big BUT, it is, in my humble opinion, VERY expensive.
For ages 3 to 11 - 20 Euro
Anyone over 12 - 25 Euro

The main reason I mention the price is because you can't find it anywhere online. It's not on their website, www.zoo-amneville.com, nor anywhere else I tried to find it. It would have been nice to know before driving an hour and a half to get there.

So being that there for four of us, the grand total was 95 Euro, about $140.

We did get to see a lot of animals and we didn't even get around to the whole zoo. They list that they have 2000 animals. My favorites were:

Black panther



Polar bears


White Kangaroo
The good part about the animals is they were almost always visible.