04 February 2009

ACC Tournament

I'm doing my daily email check and in my inbox I find the opportunity to get tickets to the ACC Basketball Tournament. OK if you don't already know I love college basketball, especially the ACC as my team UNC, belongs to that division. The offer for the tickets is pretty good after I search the Internet seeing what the cost would be. I can buy tickets for the whole 4 days, all games for $726 for both of us which considering I found tickets for 2 games only to cost about $400 if you're lucky, good.

I am debating though if I should get them. I am not sure my son will want to watch all 10 games and then of course there is the cost of hotel and food while we are there.

On the other hand it is in Atlanta only 2 hours away which is better than having to drive 5 hours to see UNC play at home if there were tickets available.

I figure maybe if my tax return comes soon that will help me with my decision because who really wants to save money. It's better to spend it and enjoy it right.

Well that's it for now.