10 July 2008

well it's been decided

OK so I was going to post yesterday but I was still a little pissy. I was basically cornered into taking Albuquerque whether I wanted to or not. My boss wouldn't even consider trying to get Kentucky for me, guess it was too much work. Now at least I know when I am leaving but unfortunately my son will start his first year of school late because for some insane reason Albuquerque starts their school year 12 August (what the hell). I am officially leaving here the 13th of August which I was pretty ticked at especially if I had known I would be forced into Albi they why dragged it out until now, at least if I had been forced early I could have made it there before school started. The only good thing about leaving here so late is I get to see one of my good friends who use to be sort of my supervisor in the AF. She will be in the DC area the first weekend of August and had I left my original depart date I would have missed seeing her before she left for Korea for 2 years. So now I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out where in Albi to live or if I should go to Rio Rancho (which is almost 20 miles from work). There are a few places in Albi that are ok but I am having a hard time figuring out where I should look to be in the school district I want. I sort of know for Rio Rancho but that's a much smaller place. I'm sure I will add more on this topic but I've run out of steam after a long day of running people around the job.

08 July 2008

Canada Trip Continued

So I'm back at Starbucks borrowing internet from the pub next door :)
Today's will just be a short up date as I have to get ready to go on the road soon. I did not make it to another movie :( but there really wasn't anything I wanted to see.
I have also been thinking a lot about going to Albuquerque and I think I have decided to do it. There are several reasons I can come up with not to go but the more I read about the area the more it seems like not so bad a spot, besides it's number 46 on the top 100 places to raise a family list put out by wedMD. (http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/best-places-raise-family?ecd=wnl_prg_070308) I was considering Fort Knox, KY as a position just opened up there but I think we are starting to run out of time. Monday was pretty uneventful, as usual some of my friends weren't available when they said they would be and I didn't get to see them but such is life. My son was very disappointed about not seeing his "uncle" but he has to learn sometime people don't always do what they say they will do. He did get his hair cut though by the only person he really lets cut it properly so i'm happy :) Now he wont be sweating his butt off when he's running around, he doesn't like it too much though but momma knows best.
Of course we went to go eat at Pancho Villa and in case you missed it in the first post it's the best Mexican restaurant EVER. And I am just waiting for them to open so we can do lunch and then get on the road. I'm really not motivated to get on the road but I do want to get back to our temporary home as I miss those comforts. Seems like as I get older I want to stay home more. I"m sure I will add more about this trip later but I better let it stand as is for now so I can get back to the house and finish the little things before we roll out.
Hope all is well with everyone.

07 July 2008

Canada Trip (currently at Starbucks with random connectivity)

Ok so here’s how the trip went.  Let’s start with the drive on Friday.  I assumed (and you know what that does) that not very many people would be traveling on the 4th of July but of course that was not the case.  We got a late start because we were out too late the night before at the Lion King at the Kennedy Center.  The show was pretty good, at least the customs were great and original, but I probably should have got tickets for an afternoon show.  My son did manage to stay awake though to my surprise.  We didn’t get home until after 2300hr and I didn’t get to bed until after midnight by the time I had the car packed. 

Well I digress, we left around 0700hr and I sort of took my time, which is unusual, but the funny thing is even with the five or so stops we still made it at the car’s ETA.  As soon as we arrive, we head off to the bike store because I have decided to try to get back into biking.  I have a 20 year old back that I want to trade in for something more recent but they didn’t have any used bikes my size (no surprise there) and the cheapest one there is about $478 and I am not trying to spend more than $400 to include the bike thing that I need to bring the bike back home. 

Anyway after going there and not having made a decision we head off to my favorite restaurant, Pancho Villa, the best Mexican place around.  So of course I enjoy the hell out of my meal and then go hang at the basketball park where I run into a few people I know but that is no surprise.  After one of my friends is done playing we of course head to Pancho Villa (yes I know I just had it about 3 hours before) but did I mention it was the best Mexican restaurant ever.  We bumped into a few of his friends and the restaurant and we decided to join them.  It was actual fun hanging out chatting watching the people go by (we were sitting outside it was a gorgeous night).  Next thing I know it’s 2300hr and time for me to hit the bed as I had been up since 0600hr.

Ok now I get up the next morning around 0830hr (my son actually slept in, how amazing) and I start getting ready to go to my big Spa day.  So I head over there around 1015hr and get there about 15 minutes early (oh how quickly one forgets the time it takes to get somewhere here, there is no traffic when you compare it to DC).  OK so I’m sitting inside waiting on the person who will service me (for lack of a better phrase), and she is now 10 minutes late (her tipping is declining as I sit there and wait).  Finally she comes to get me and we begin my day at the spa.  Ok this is the part where things get a little dicey.

We start with my facial and everything is going great for the first hour or so and then out of nowhere a migraine starts to hit me.  Migraines are not a pretty thing especially for me.  But eventually it fades a bit when we get into the body wrap but when I wake up after having been wrapped for a while it’s back and stronger.  Now I go get my shower to get the mud off of me as that is what I was wrapped in and I’m not doing so well and still have a pedicure to sit threw.  Now I just want the day to be over.  I forgot to say though, the lady who was servicing me, was doing an outstanding job so now her tip has gone back up.  She does a wonderful job on my feet and makes this perfect color of blue but I am not able to enjoy this part at all, as the migraine is getting worse and worse.  Finally I can leave and I popped two Imitrax but by the time I get home, it still hasn’t gotten any better as a matter of fact it has gotten worse, and I start puking my guts out.  Mind you I barely ate anything that day so it wasn’t pleasant.  OK so about an hour goes by and it’s just getting worse and then it’s to the point where I need to go to the emergency room.  Yup you heard me right, I got to spend a wonderful Saturday in the emergency room.  I was there for about seven hours because every emergency room seems to have a minimum four-hour wait.  Oh and to top it off I got an IV (did I mention I hate needles and anything like them).  So they pump me full of drugs and I get a little better, enough to be fed up being there and ready to go home.  The place was freezing and I had two blankets, but that wasn’t enough.  The doctor was going to pump me with more drugs but I had been there long enough and didn’t have the patience to stay any longer (should have though cause there was still a minor headache brewing).  Anyway I finally make it home and eat some soup then off to bed. Finally I get to sleep in the warmth.

So now we are on Sunday.  I was looking forward to watching the fellas at the basketball court but because I was going to see my old friend Ang, it didn’t really care too much about the game besides as usual my mother wanted to go there as well and she is always doing embarrassing things.  Hard to pick up hotties when you’re mom is around.  As I am waiting for Ang to get to the house I run out to Costco to pick up a few things and get back before she gets there thank goodness.  So were having a good time catching up but as we are at my mother’s it’s hard for us to speak as we want and she of course wants to be part of this conversation.  Finally we go to get some food.  Can you guess where?  Pancho Villa of course.  We get there and finally we can chat.  It’s funny how the friends you knew way back when, are the type of friends you can pick up your conversation just as before regardless that it’s been about 15 or so years since you had seen each other.

As we are at the restaurant, Wimbledon is on the screen, and there is a hottie playing with a really nice ass and arms J.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the end of the game, as there was a game delay in England.  I hope hottie won.  Once I get access to the Internet I will find out. (Did I mention my mother has no Internet and these damn Canadians all have passwords on their routers so I couldn’t steal, I mean borrow it).  Did I also mention that both the owner and the bartender are hotties at the restaurant but of course they both have girlfriends (nothing wrong with eye candy though).

So we finally finish up there and head to the park.  The basketball game is just ending and of course the St. Luke’s boys win again against the cops.  (St Luke’s is the name of the park that has a wading pool, playground and basketball courts and I’ve been going there for 25 years and fellas have been playing ball there for just as long).  This is where I always go to see some hotties and Sunday was no different.  I of course was smart and brought my new Nikon to the park and took several pictures.  I have some hotties on camera yeah.  The pictures will be posted J. So Ang and I continue to hang out and chat until she has to go as she has a five-hour drive ahead of her.  Then I come back to the park and take more pictures.  I chat a while with the fellas and head out.  And of course because I have a babysitter, I’m off to the movies.  Ready for my review:

I saw Wanted and boy that movie is action packed.  I like it from the get go, the only thing I didn’t really like was the very end but hey maybe they will follow up with a sequel to make up for it.  Anyway, it had some unexpected results that I wont actually post because I don’t want to spoil this movie.  It is definitely worth seeing.  I’m glad I went even thought it was over-priced as I am in Canada not to say the US is much better. (I will try to make it to another movie today if it’s possible).Of course I didn’t make it to the comedy club because my friends are punks and they just had to go see Snoop Dog who was playing at the Bluesfest that Ottawa has every year.