09 January 2009

in the airport

yup you guessed it, I'm sitting in the Augusta airport for the first time waiting on my flight to leave for Charlotte so I can catch the connector flight to LA for my weekend trip.  I'm off to see one of my good friends that I was in the AF with and we have all kinds of plans.  She has us traveling all day tomorrow, then off to a BBQ, then to the Laugh Factory on Sunset for some laughs and Sunday we are still debating on.  We were going to go to a Lakers game but the tickets were more than I wanted to pay for a NBA game I'd only pay prices like that for college basketball.

04 January 2009

two weeks of down time

Well the end of the exodus has come and I am sure Monday will bring many things.  It was nice having time to catch up on everything at work, even though I still didn't get nearly half of the things I planned on doing done.  This  is the first time I have actually been in the office for Christmas, before I was either in Germany or working TDY for President Ford's funeral.  It was nice but I think I preferred being on vacation for the two weeks but it's such a short time to go to Germany, besides it's still expensive to fly over there but we'll see :)
I am excited that I managed to grill a perfect Filet Mignon on my new grill that I bought myself for my birthday/christmas ( or whatever holiday was appropriate).  I haven't done it before so I wasn't sure if I should risk it as that is not a cheap meat, lol.  But hey how do you  know unless you try.  Good thing I had use it 2 other times before to get a feel for how is works, because the first time it didn't really get hot enough (not enough coals) and the second time it was WAY too hot (of course too many coals).