02 July 2008

New read old book

OK So one day I'm surfing the net at work which I know is a surprise to everyone (yeah right). Everyday I check a specific website and it always has a summary of information on a specific topic be it person, place, event ect. Anyway one day the topic is Anne Frank and as I am so bored at work I decide to read it.
The book was interesting and really gets you thinking especially when you consider it is being written by a thirteen year old. Of course because it is a true story you don't get the ending you want nor the information that you wish you knew (like what exactly happens after they get captured and how exactly does she die).
So as this is not meant to be an in depth review I will end it with I'm glad I read it but I wouldn't read it again. I think I will stick to my mysteries lol.

Working two

I'm working two blogs right now but am struggling with the other because it gets me tired just thinking of the things I'm commenting on in it. Anyway, here's my ramp, my son has had a fever for about 11 days or so and I have taken him to the doctor twice and he has been give 4 different meds and he still has a fever. I'm hoping today the doctor can tell me what it might be as they took throat culture Monday. Sometimes I wish I was still in Canada because even though it may take a while to get appointments on non-emergency things, they are very good at what they do.

And on that note, I still don't know where i am going. I think I have ruled out Albi because it is too far from anyone and I mean anyone I know, and it being a one man shop once I would be there, two, it may require a lot or some over-time as well as TDYs which I will not be able to do due to the fact that I know NO ONE (did I already mention that). So then came up Galveston, TX and I explored that possibility and before you go there it is still far from anyone I know but at least 1000 miles closer to NO ONE. Anyway, the cost of living there is higher than I expected and of course the schools don't have great ratings, and when I mean not great, I mean like 28/100 or 32/100. Of course there was the Ft Lewis thing, but after the conversation with the hiring authority, she is going to take a look at the list and scrub it then do interviews next week (I am not on the list). She says she wants someone who can hit the ground running, no problem for me, BUT wants someone with a strong something something, I stopped listening when I realized she wont even consider me. Then today I saw a job at Ft Bragg and I thought hey why not, it's really close to the best school in the whole wide world and if you don't know that would be UNC. But of course it's not in the right pay grade so another job possibility down the tube. Oh did I mention ANOTHER Heidelberg job opened this week in the same office as the other one I was hoping to get a job at. I think my boss is starting to get impatient with me because I don't want to commit to anything. Did I also mention there was one at Fort Lee but he offered that to someone else but I would have taken that one in a heart beat. But come to find out with that one, they haven't written the job description yet and some other blah blah blah so they aren't ready to consider anyone right now.

So all of this uncertaintity is stressing me out. I can't make any plans for the future like vacations and such, no idea where I will be living, when I will be leaving and most importantly will I get there in time for my son to start school when he is suppose to.
I'm really hoping my few days of vacation that are coming up will help. I do have a half day or so booked at a spa which I plan on enjoying to the fullest without thinking about the cost.

On a lighter side, one of my favorite co-workers is coming to town at the end of August and I hope to see her before she goes to Korea for two years. She was one of the few people who did her most to try to help me stay in the AF. She was a great mentor (and still is) and a good friend. She's just bad with the keeping in touch thing, I had to find out from one of my old tech school instructor's that works in the same building as me that she was coming to town.

Ok I think that is it for now but I get the feeling there is more to come.
Stay tuned