21 February 2009

Letter to USAirways in regards to my experience of a major delay

This letter was submitted on their website via email on Friday 20 February, 2009.

I really hope you are able to help with this. I had some serious delays on our last flight from AGS to SAT. On 14 Feb, early Saturday morning, we proceeded to the Augusta Airport at 0400 in the morning to catch our 0535am flight. Upon arrival, check in was fine and we proceeded to the gate. As the departure time approached, we were not boarding, after a while we were told due to maintenance issues our flight was delayed. Finally around 7am they say they have another flight coming from Charlotte, NC that will arrive by 0900am giving us enough time for our connecting flight San Antonio. Unfortunately that flight was delayed and we would now no longer make our connection. As there was only one counter agent to rebook many people on the flight I called USAirways to see if I could book a later flight out of Charlotte, NC. There were none available and the agent was able to book me on Delta flights leaving Augusta at around noon and finally arriving in San Antonio, TX at 7pm much later than planned. When I go to retrieve my luggage so I can check in with Delta there were more issues. I also asked if there was anyway I could maybe have some kind of food coupon so something we could use once we arrived in Atlanta, GA as we had been sitting in an airport now for almost 8 hours before going anywhere and the Augusta, GA airport has only a coffee stand. We also ended up missing our 3pm Barbecue our friends we were going to see had planned for us.

And now because USAirways booked us on Delta flights I have to jump through hoops to get our air miles for those flights.

I would really appreciate some form of compensation. Preferably in a travel voucher for the both of us or up-grades to first class on our next flight. We are planning to go somewhere in May and it would be nice to fly comfortably. Also if there is anyway you could get our airmiles on to our accounts, I would really appreciate it.

I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this matter.

Thank you

USAirways ridiculous travel delay from Augusta GA to San Antonio TX

It has taken me a few days to calm down before writing about my experience with USAirways on Valentine's day with what I thought would be a somewhat smooth trip (we were flying out on the first plane so who would think there would be issues right).
Boy was I wrong.

On top of everything else, as I am standing at the front ticketing counter (in other words I had left the boarding gate) trying to get my new tickets straight, on the of USAirways Agents says, I had better go back to those "(something not so nice). She was refering to the rest of the passengers I had just left who were in the same boat as myself, in other words missing our connections and needing to be rebooked.

18 February 2009

Tornado Watch

Oh what a great day to be back in GA. Today has greeted us with a tornado watch and now with a severe thunder storm watch. Hopefully all will go well for us. I can hear the rain coming down and the wind blowing but no thunder or lightning :( I love thunder storms. I haven't seen a good thunder storm since about 1999 when I stayed in the dorms at Langley AFB.

Oh yeah on a side note, San Antonio was so nice, I wish I would have had time to go to Lackland AFB to see my old basic training base. All though I didn't get to see that I did see many Airmen wandering the Riverwalk in their blues like we did back in the day.

Just one of the random pictures from basic training in San Antonio on the Riverwalk. Those were good days.

15 February 2009

San Antonio YEAH

So we finally made it.  By the time we got to the Atlanta airport I was so tired I up-graded us to first class for a price of $150 for the silly 2 to 3 hour trip.  It was nice but really not such a big deal, neither one of us is really that big so it's not like we really needed the extra room.  The free drinks and snacks was nice though, and drinking out of glass didn't hurt.
After we were picked up we were driven to the house and were able to enjoy yummy BBQ.  After that I could barely stay awake so I was asleep by 2200hrs.  I even slept in the next day which is amazing for me. Once we finally got ourselves together on Sunday morning we headed out to the Riverwalk.  First we ate at a Mexican restaurant by the Riverwalk, then we took the boat ride which was really interesting.  After that we headed to the Alamo which wasn't quiet what I expected but it's all good.
Then we headed off to Lowe's because my girl needed to return something and after that hopped on the highway to go to Wal-mart.  Before we went there we stopped for gas and her hubby's brand new 2009 Chevy truck decided it did not want to start WHAT.  So we had to wait on one of her friends to come get us and take us home while my girl's hubby waited on the tow truck.   
We finally made it home and chilled out.
Tomorrow we plan on going to the Safari Ride which looks like it will be fun.