13 April 2010

Ramada Airport North Hotel Charlotte - 1st Stop to Jamaica

I was going to do an overall post on our trip to Jamaica but realized it would probably be very long. So I am going to start with the first hotel we stayed in. It was the Ramada Airport North Hotel in Charlotte NC. I decided to get a hotel room because we were leaving super(0600am) early in the morning out of Charlotte which is a good 2hrs and 15mins from us.

Now to the hotel, I booked from the Ramada website directly just so I would have more flexibility and the price was reasonable. The last time I booked with them was on our trip to Maggie Valley and the room was great. This was one on the other hand left room for many improvements.

The first room we were assigned smell so bad that there was no way we could stay there. The second room smelled fine but when I pulled back the sheets, they were dirty. The third room was fine. The carpets are VERY dirty. I would not step on them barefoot and when my son walked on them with his socks, they became filthy pretty quickly. It is certainly a basic hotel but I was not comfortable with the area based on how it looked. I do have to say the front desk person was very good about switching rooms though.

The hotel's restaurant was under construction but they had a sign that said you could let them know if you want something and they would call the cook. I found this very odd and certainly did not feel that was a way to handle it. I was going to order something but for about 15 minutes the desk was unattended so we just left.

When we checked out in the morning, I had to ask specifically for a receipt. After I made it to the airport and I checked it, they hadn't even officially checked me out of the room as it said on the receipt the cost was still owing. This made me very paranoid and I am still waiting to see if I get charged more than once.

The pictures are of the second room, I got tired of taking pictures of the new room but it gives you an idea of how it looks.