12 September 2008

It is time

For me to start thinking about some colors in the house if all goes well. And I think I finally decided. red for the kitchen, Carolina blue for my bedroom and bath, light brown for the dining area, sky blue for the living room, quest room and bathroom and of course K's room is purple. I hope it turns out.

09 September 2008

Hectic day at work

Ok considering I have only been here a week, today was busy as i don't know what. The Atlanta Falcons came for a visit with the cheerleaders. they flew in on 3 Blackhawks (which makes me have a flashback of the time I took my first ride on one, that was great) and then the show began. We of course had media and they had media and they were late so that pushed everything to be shortened. And then the general wanted to greet them (he had decided that last minute) and then they were off to eat with 25 select soldiers. That was a great part of the day. You could really see it meant a lot to the soldiers and even the players seem to enjoy it. One of them asked many questions and was very interested in the Army itself as well as the soldiers

08 September 2008

in search a house & financing, the story begins

Ok so here I am after being in Augusta almost and week and i have found nothing to rent in the school district that I want. I wish i wasn't so picky, it is only elementary school right. I don't care though because if he gets a wrong start with a crappy school, that wont help him build for the harder stuff.
Anyway I drove around so many neighborhoods, hoods being a key portion of the phrase. The once that were nice were about $1030 why would I pay that on rent like really. So now, I decided to play with the idea of buying a house. Markets not bad and maybe I can find something in the district.
Next step look at some houses. This is where things go a little astray. For work they sent me to a community expo where there all sorts of vendors to include realtors and financiers. So I randomly pick some people still not really being serious about this.
But I call them and get some info. So I tell the realtor what I'm look for and there are only 4 places in the school district I want at the price I want, WHAT that's it. oh well, I decided maybe a few others in different school districts but the same county is fine.
So now, friday morning arrives and I do a little check in at work then off to meet the realtor. Oh wait she doesn't want to deal with me until she knows i can get financing which i can understand but be ready when you say you're going to be ready if everything is cool and she wasn't. We were suppose to meet at 1000 with the condition of finance info. So around 1010 I receive a call from the finance person and i'm good to go. So now i'm expecting the realtor to call me to say, hey let's go see some properties but i don't hear from her until about 1400hr.
Don't get me wrong she's s really nice person and very helpful but i'm not sure i want her as my realtor. We go hit a few houses and i don't like any of them.
In the mean time, my mom has also been looking with another realtor and they may have found something i like.
Anyway once i return from the outing my mom tells me about the house and we make arrangements to see the places Saturday morning.
Ok so here is where my dilemma starts, i now have two realtors, the nice one i picked and the one my mom found who i like a lot.
Off we go to see the properties and there was one that isn't bad, I"m not in love with it but it's in my price range and it's in the school district i want. We head back to the office and I write and offer.
Did I mention that both realtors work in the same office. Also while I was out with the new realtor the other one called and wanted me to see a few other properties. I didn't take her call and put her off until Monday but i wont jump ahead.
The offer I make is about 5 grand below asking price and i'm asking for the washer and dryer and half the closing costs. DId I also mention the realtor who showed the property to us is also the one selling it. I'm not 100% comfortable with that but I press on anyway.