27 December 2008

I have so lapsed so here goes

So of course Thanksgiving was hectic with all the events we had going on and that quickly led into December and next thing you know it's after Christmas already and New Year's is right around the corner. It has been nice to get some days off here and there and of course it has been quiet since all the troops are on exodus. It's given me some time to catch up and clean my office just a little, next week will help hopefully. There is so much to organize and get straight.
Oh yeas let's go back to before Christmas for a second. On post we had trees for troops which was really cool and the trees were actually very nice, I haven't seen this before but I'm sure it's happened other places. After all the troops had the opportunity to get the trees, the rest were left for people on post to grab, hence I got a free tree. We didn't decorate it right away as the next day we set off to go to Chapel Hill, NC so K could meet the basketball team.
The drive there was longer than I expected, good thing I got a free hotel room with all the points I got from staying in the hotel here for 30 days. We got there and of course I went christmas shopping what I mean but that is I stocked up on UNC ornaments, wreath ect... and a few things for the house of course. The next day was the day for the team so we had plenty of time. We even managed to go eat at Carrabba's and hit a movie, Bolt (not bad).
So the next day is cold as hell of course as we have to stand in line to get into this event. We waited for about an hour before they let us in and then we watched the team play for a bit and finally it was time for all the kids to make a mad dash onto the court to see if they could get the signatures they want. K was very disappointed he didn't get Hansbrough's signature but the line was long within seconds so he tried his best to get some of the other's signatures. He was so disappointed though and you could see some of the other kids cutting the line but no one was doing anything. Parent's weren't allowed down there so things were a little out of control.

Anyway we finally finished there, they only give the kids 30 minutes (way to short) to get the signatures but at least we were able to get on the road. I am getting old, all the driving wiped me out for a few days.