26 June 2008

On the sidelines

There has been something going on where I live for about a month now and it's really starting to irritate me so I figure why not just put it out there and vent.

So there is this guy let's call him "Real" Tim and then later a Tim "Clone" will enter the story just so you know who is who.

So real Tim lives in the apartment building next door and I use to see him occasionally in the parking lot and he would say hi yada yada. But one day he strikes up a conversation and we chit chat. he tells me next time I'm outside to bring my phone so he can give me his number. So I do and when i walk over there to get the number from him, some chick is there but whatever I don't care. He then proceeds to give me a number.

So I end up going out the night he gives me the number and while on the metro decided to text him and below are the texts I receive: (In other words he gave me his boy's number)

Texts I've received from Tim Clone (I've erased some so you wont get the whole story):
June 6 1810hr: yes who is this
1816hr: where did i meet u at love?
1816hr: hi how are u, what are u up 2?

1925hr: Im bout 2 call u ok?

2125hr: I hope 2 hear from u, im really bored, lol

2352hr: hey its lamont, u got me confused, i'm single, lol

June 25 2054hr: whats up my lady
2058hr: watchn tv, still waitn to meet u

June 26 1434hr: why are u so mean? im from nc and im not mean, lol, i always like meetn new people, so i hope we meet soon
June 28 2017hr: what are u up 2 ms lady?
2030hr: U shouldve invited me, just kiddn, are u going out later?

2034hr: oh ok i thought u had family here to watch him, my bad, so stop and say hi on ur way in

2043hr: oh ok, i meant i would come outside 4 sec but it cool, its not that serious

Then later that evening this is what I get from him:

Text from real Tim (there have been a lot more but i erased most of them):
June 6 2141hr: Tim
2151hr: i think u are sweet

So anyway, Tim Clone is still texting to meet which is really starting to irritate me but on the good note Real Tim finally got the message to not talk to me since he wants to play childish games. I'm hoping Tim Clone will clue in soon and stop texting as well.

I was going to say a lot more about the situation but the air has gone out of me on this topic
but I figured I'd at least wrap it up. I wish i had kept all of my responses to the texts because they would probably make more sense but I like to clear them out.

25 June 2008

Just talking

(I've tried to set up a poll but I've been told it isn't working. When people select something it doesn't register, any ideas on how to fix that)

So I've decided to update everyone.

First off I had my interview with Albuquerque yesterday and to my complete dismay it went very well (if you haven't figured it out I really don't want to go there) but it is an option. They asked me if I would take the job if they offered it to me and then they asked when I could tell them. This is a good thing since Germany is looking further and further away :( In other words it's highly unlikely it will come threw nor the Ft Lewis option that came up recently. I am hoping to figure out how to put up a survey so look for it in regards to what I should do with my job options.

Oh before I forget my son has his graduation on Saturday from pre-k but he's been sick all week so I hope he's good to go as they are doing a performance.

Back to my ramblings, this weekend was spent at my uncle's house so there isn't very much exciting to write about.

I am taking my son to go see the Lion King on the 3rd of July (which he doesn't know about I hope it will be a nice surprise for him). I will definitely update on that.

I am looking forward to going to Canada for the 4th of July weekend. I will for sure have some good stories after that if all goes well that is. There is already a BBQ that I am going to on that Sunday and I know I will be hitting the comedy club plus my favorite restaurant Pancho Villa which has the best Mexican food EVER. Trust me I have been going there for over 25 years. The owner is the greatest and I always have a seat at the bar (the bartenders are friendly to and very generous hehe). I will also get to drool over the guys on the basketball court by the house and I think I will try out my new camera, practice makes perfect.

Now I may not have Internet access while up there so you may not hear anything until after I get back. So be patient if that ends up being the case. If I was going this weekend I know I'd have a lot to say as it is Canada Day on the 1st and they really get down. I always end up stumbling home as the sun is rising on those occasions lol but I'm supposedly grown now.