13 February 2009

Trip to San Antonio

It's that time again.  We're off on another trip.  This time we are going to San Antonio to visit my son's girlfriend per se.  It's actually his old classmate who's mom PCSed (moved with the military) to San Antonio.  They use to live behind us and she was his best friend.  He cried all day the day she left and the only thing that would calm him down was to promise him a trip to see her. So now he will have a date on Valentine's day and I'll be chillin' manless again :)
It's all good though, the thing that makes me happiest is seeing my son happy and laughing. 
Back to the trip, when I booked our tickets I obviously didn't pay close attention to our itinerary as we have to be at the airport by 0430 to catch our 0535 flight out of there.  What the hell was I thinking, we have to get up at 0330.  Then once we arrive at the layover airport we get to sit there for 3 and a half hours and don't get me started about our trip back.
My girl has a lot planned for us this weekend and it sounds like a lot of fun.   
Stay tuned for the updates.

12 February 2009

Update on The House

Today was a very constructive day.  In between my doctor's appointments, I got a lot done.
I organized my son's legos so I could give them away, I went through some of  his other toys and found some I could give away.  I also returned some extra tile.  Speaking of which I had the tile guy come in today to do my backsplash and I must say it's looking good. I also had my two storm doors installed which also look good.  Both set of people did an outstanding job,  One set came from Lowe's install dept. and the other was a recommendation from a friend. 
I also found out to do what I want to do to my kitchen will cost me $1620 which is doable if installing the whirlpool tub doesn't got over $1500 to include the tub and all components required for the install including labor.  I am waiting on a call back to get someone to come out and look at it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I hope to have pictures up  of all three items soon.  It's getting dark so the pictures of the doors are out for now and the backsplash isn't quiet finished.

11 February 2009

ACC Tournament Decision

Here is my horsoscope for this week (it only applies when it is a good one):

You're riding a wave of romance, creative, speculative urges and pleasure. You're getting closer and closer to taking a big chance (if you haven't already, the last few weeks) - do so, for now risk pays off, in the heart and wallet! Don't waste your time, energy or charisma in social life. Instead, plunge into the moment, the person or private project that makes you feel good. Don't plan, just act! The weeks and months ahead could bring romance with a valid life mate. Take hint from entire Leo message.

Based on this and on a conversation with my good friend Krisitin (who has no issues spending other people's money)

I have decided that we are going to the ACC Tournament in ATL.
Now I have to cough up hotel money and spending money but I think it will be worth it. We'll have a good time. And yes I could drive back and forth everyday to see the games but what is priceline.com for, you can get decent hotels at good prices :)

Look for pictures in the future.

09 February 2009

Overstock update

OK not really but I figured I will talk about the stuff I bought at overstock.com  and hopefully in the near future I will actually post some pictures.  Once I post the pictures you will really see how addicted to overstock I am. (So I decided to post the pictures now)I'm not sure I should post all of them at once because then maybe you will really see I was not joking about my  overstock addiction.

The dining room set:

The Master Bedroom dresser #1:

The Master Bedroom dresser #2: 

The Master Bedroom new bed:

That is it for now as my patience has run out with the up-loading of these pictures.
But it is a start.