11 October 2008

Off to Canada we go

Well the first half of the drive wasn't bad at all besides the fact that we had to wait to leave until after K was released from school at 1530hrs.  Made it to MD by midnight 8hrs and 15 min drive.
Did I mention K's stupid school wouldn't let him have excused absences for the 3 days next week because they don't see Canadian Thanksgiving as a special circumstance and denied my request.  For crying out loud, it's kindergarten.  That's why even though I had a training holiday Friday we couldn't  leave nice and early or  else may have had a conniption fit at the school.  Anyway we're getting ready for the second half of the trip hopefully this part goes well and I get to Ottawa in time to hit the comedy club tonight.

09 October 2008


I know it has been a while and there is a lot to talk about but as luck would have it (ok so it was planned) We're off to Canada for a week, YEAH finally a real vacation (well after the grueling 18 hour drive).
Maybe I will have time to catch everything up there.
Work has been busy, I can definitely say Community Relations is not a job where you occasionally work, it's one where you occasionally don't get a call or email every few minutes but being busy makes the time fly by.

PS Did I mention it's my birthday tomorrow, YEAH me (we  wont go into how old I am)