30 August 2008

A suggestion from http://www.abitofmylife.com/

This is a fun little meme.

Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then “likes to” (ex. “Tom likes to”). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own note

Alia likes to
 sleep in the snuggli with Daddy since he is warm 
Alia likes to talk to her, need I say more
Alia likes to offer you Prague accomodation located right in Prague centre
Alia likes to play golf
Alia likes to sing all musical genres, with the exception of country music
Alia likes to wear comfortable clothing, jeans, tees, sweaters when she is having a casual day
Alia likes to help others and she is a great cook
Alia likes to meet. new clients at their local. job centre and can offer. them the full portfolio of. Work. In Progress
Alia likes to give hugs and snuggle more than Connor
Alia likes to read but other things are more important at times

29 August 2008

Alexandria movers

Where should I begin.  Well I was told to call thursday afternoon if I hadn't heard from the moving company so I did to ask when they would be coming.  I was told the movers would be there between noon and 1600hr (not exactly what I wanted to hear).
So today I drop K off at school and then head over to Sye's house to drop off some food, then back to the hotel.  At the hotel I start packing some of the things up while waiting on a call from a friend as we are to go do breakfast.  I'm getting along happily when my friend calls to say they're close by cool, i say i'm on my way.  Just as I am starting to leave, my phone rings again and it's the moving company, they're at the house waiting on me. WHAT, so now I have to cancel breakfast and I call Sye to ask him if he can let the movers in so they can get started.  Good thing he was in a good mood (especially since he texts me to let me know one of the movers was hot, it was two women).  Now that they are in the house I met up with my friend for a hot second for a tea :) and then rush off to Sye's.  By the time I get there, they are almost done so i'm getting happy thinking i will have the rest of the day to myself to pack up at the hotel and maybe even hit a movie, WRONG.  They were only the packers, now i have to wait on the movers to pick the stuff up.  There goes the rest of my day.  But at least they came within an hour of the others leaving, glad I didn't take off until noon.  Well they take about 2 hours to load the stuff, and finally I get my day.  It's about 1300hr so really I don't get much of a day as I have to pick K up nlt 1600hr so he can get to his last Tae Kwon Do class on time.  So I head back to the hotel and do some packing and then decide why not, i"m going to go to the movies, this week has been pretty stressful.  The only thing playing around this time is Mamma Mia which I wanted to see.  So of I go and watch the movie even though I start to get impatient with it as it's getting a little close to 1600hr.  Anyway all goes well, movie ends (it was ok) and I pick K up in time and we make it to Tae Kwon Do class.  After that back to the hotel so I can finish packing up and get the stuff into the car.  Boy I have more stuff than I thought, wish I had known that before the packers came today as I would have give up a few things.  So now the car is full and I am wondering how i will fit the food I dropped off at Sye's in the car (I'd hate to have to leave it behind as I know he wont eat it plus it's wouldn't hurt to have a few things to eat on hand).  i guess I'll worry about that tomorrow.  So all in all I don't get out of the hotel until 2100hr and head off to my uncle's house so we can chill and say good bye before we leave the area.  And now I am way tired and am hoping my son will soon fall asleep (yes he is still awake boy do I miss having that kind of energy).

27 August 2008

Not as good as Monday

So today was not as lucky as yesterday with the movers.  I get there early so there isn’t a repeat of yesterday but of course they don’t show until about 0930 L Now this completely throws off the rest of my day.  I was suppose to drop my car off at the dealership at 0800 but the movers said they weren’t going to take to long so I need to stay.  So far things aren’t going so well.  I mean it’s great that they are being so careful but shouldn’t it have been done yesterday and today should have been just a quick load, right? Not so much. 

So I have now watched two movies and am still sitting here waiting.  That’s what I get for over booking my day.

Oh yeah did I mention it’s been a little rainy today, hope nothing of mine gets wet (it’s stopped for now).

 OK end result, i don't get my car fix cause i run out of time and i have to leave them on site after the inventory so I can make my pedicure appointment.

This is a great pedicure place and Lerae is the owner who does my feet.  She also has a barn on base with three horses and invited me to bring K by so he could ride.

Later that evening, we head to the stables and K actually gets on the horse with no problems and then loves it.  He didn't want to get off, looks like there might be another sport he's going to want to start.  We'll see how that goes down in Augusta.

I'm off. later

25 August 2008

my movers are awesome

Today is the first day I am dealing with movers and it was a good day.  I take my time get to the POD storage facility expecting the movers to get there around 9,10 or 11 but what a surprise to me they're already there when i pull up at 0807.  Great now let's see how long I will be stuck here, total 3 hours NICE.  I have a lot of running around to do.  GA requires kids to have their dental records to enroll so I have to work on that, get some food as we have none in the hotel, try to get my hair done sometime while i'm here (i know not really important but it will be the last time i can get it done as i haven't found anyone better that Tracy anywhere).  I also want to go get a pedicure sometime in the near future from my favorite spa here, G'day as again she is great, plus I can't find the color she uses anywhere I will have to buy some off her.  I decided also to stop by Toyota and see how much the timing belt and water pump are going to cost ( i have already mentioned the ridiculous price they want to charge in another blog but as a reminder they want about $850-900). So I stop by the Toyota place I use to use and low and behold they will charge me $600, I have to find time to get that done here.  Also I found out that the power steering fluid is suppose to be red so the other place got one over on me when they told me it wasn't suppose to be and i paid them to flush it and fill it.  That seals the deal I wont go back there again.
Side note, the damn Langley Inns, SUCK, the TV remote did not work, the room is really badly designed and the DVD player doesn't work.  Boy was K mad at me, cause he wanted to finish watching the movie we were watching in the car and he couldn't when we go into the hotel room.  oops.  And the internet sucks too.  
I asked the movers if they could load my stuff tomorrow so that we can get out of here on Wednesday with plenty of time to get to DC as K is testing for his white belt in Tae Kwon Do and that starts at 1700hr ( I want to take off from here nlt 1100hr).  If it goes like today (please please let it), we'll be on track.  I also arranged for the car to be taken car of in the morning tomorrow (so much for having the credit card paid off between tires and this plus a few other things it's right back up there, damn it, at least i had one statement with a zero balance).
I also managed to get in a pedicure appointment for tomorrow at 1300 (hope the car is done in time) and the dental records will be ready after 1400hr.
I hope to up-date tomorrow after I see how everything goes.