25 September 2009

It's almost that time

For my birthday that is and I am trying to decide what to do. My current options that I am taking into consideration are: Orlando (because I get into Disney World free on my birthday), New Orleans, Charleston, Chapel Hill (because there is a football game on my birthday)... I have 4 whole days off to celebrate because it so happens that my usual Friday off falls the day before and the Monday after is Columbus Day an official holiday.
Of course the main thing I have to take into consideration is cost because I will have to pay for 3 of us, my son, my mom and myself.
Orlando is good because I get in free but tickets for the other 2 on that day are around $150. The other issue is that I don't know what to do on the Sunday that wont cost out the.... Orlando is also a 7 hour drive from here.
Chapel Hill will have me spending $167 on the tickets for the game and then we would have to find something else to do and that drive is 5 hours.
New Orleans well is New orleans need I say more and that is over 9 hours away.
Charleston on the other hand is the closest at 3 or so hours. It is a beautiful city at least from what I can remember from the last time I was there.