29 October 2008

I was worried

But I received my voter's registration card just in time.  Some things take forever here in GA.  I ordered my personalized plates (of course) way back in the middle of September and to this day I still haven't received them.  
Off topic, I need to vent about work.  As a Public Affairs Specialist, no where in the regulations does it say we are responsible for the quarterly awards ceremony and annual awards ceremony and that's what I have been stuck with for about the last 3 or 4 weeks.  But it gets better, the people involved like to take their time and then everything has to be done in the last week.  When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  I mean I have to track the awards for soldiers and civilian, contact all the contributors, track if they are coming and what they are "donating" to the winners, run by jag the gifts, arrange everything for the ceremony place, equipment, speaker, narrator, band and protocol, then write the winners bios, then the script for the ceremony, then make sure the ceremony is properly announced on post through all the means we have and also make sure all the contributors have the info they need for their contributions. OH yeah and make sure all the info is right on certificates, pick-up contributions for the people not attending, oh did i mention make sure the star notes are done and of course do the civilian certificate.  I'm sure i've left out a lot of things but i'll know tomorrow exactly what once the ceremony is done with.

That's it for now because Veterans' Day is right around the corner and that has a bunch of things going with it that I am tracking or working on still even though all requests are suppose to be 45 days out.