04 April 2009

Another trip to ATL

This one was for a mini-ktown reunion (that would be Kaiserlsautern American High School '92) and it was actually pretty fun.

I was able to see my good friend Wendy who I almost never see. The last time was when we went to Chapel Hill to meet the basketball team back in 2007.

Well we didn't go Friday night like a lot of others as we headed out to see a Playhouse Disney show, so we rolled out Saturday monring and not as early as I would have liked. We get there around 1130hrs and head to the Aquarium to meet Wendy and her peoples. That place was way to crowded. Wendy had gotten there much early and was just about done but we did eat together and managed to walk around a bit together. Either we had fun and knew we would see each other later that evening anyway. I almost bought a membership to it but decided against it because a)it's in ATL b)if it's always this crowded I wont want to be there.

03 April 2009

The hot tub is HERE

Yes in deed, it arrived safe and sound (I think I haven't unwrapped it yet).
The current problem is finding people strong enough to unwrapped and place it. I did not think about this before hand. It's ok though it's here and in the back yard and that's all that really matters. I finally asked the people who had done some lawn work for me and they came by and it took them about 5 minutes. Then of course came the electrician boy was that a nice chunk out of my pocket but all worth it. Now, it is finally up and running and I am loving it. Recently we have had some nice cool nights which have been perfect for a soak. Below is a quick picture of it in its current state.

01 April 2009

I had to do it --Twitter

After all of the stories I have read on Twitter, I decided to go ahead and get an account. We shall see where this may lead or if I will even use it.
I have used it on and off and still haven't decided if I like it but now since we can no longer access facebook.com at work I may end up using it more. I haven't decided if I will use it as a work thing or personal thing yet so I have been flipping back and forth.