18 August 2008


We made it to Chapel Hill and back even with all the traffic.  Oops did I skip ahead.  This weekend was Carolina Kids day with the football team so of course we had to go.  We went to meet the basketball team last year and it was great.
Ok so we head out around 1100ish a little later than I wanted but the thing doesn't start until 1645 so plenty of time right, WRONG.  I swear DC has the worst traffic ever and it NEVER ceases.  It took us almost 2 hours for approximately 20 miles.  I could just see us getting later and later.  Even after traffic let off a little it still was just damn congested most of the way until past Richmond and then I had some space to make up for time lost and boy did I ever :)
We made it right on time :) Go ME.
So of course there is mass crowd bigger than the basketball one I think.  It's wasn't as organized as the BBall one though so who knows.  We finally get the few free things and some snacks and head out to the football field where the inflatables are and there is already a ridiculous line but of course we have to wait in it since K loves the inflatables.  While he's in line I go off to the on-field tent that is selling UNC stuff I of course have to buy.  I get some good deals actually so i'm pretty pleased.  OK it's finally time to get the autographs and now the masses gather at the ropes ready to  bombard the players.  Holy cow are there a lot of players like 65 or 70.  K was getting impatient as was I.  So now he heads to the QB and gets most of them to sign and then off to WR table, as we're going through there though one of the coaches says we have to go to the other side of the tables and so K is like i'm done and wants to go back to the inflatables.  Fine by me, i'm ready to get away from all these peoples.  So now the lines aren't as long and he gets to do the ones he wants.  Finally around 1930 I say it's enough and we head out, I still want to hit the student store.  By the time we get there, there is only 15 minutes left until closing and they have turned off most of the lights WHAT, i can barely see what i'm grabbing.  So I buy a bunch of random stuff in random sizes, and hurry out of there.  The bill, $436 odd dollars way over budget.  Good thing is though, when we get to the hotel and i try the stuff on and check some of the stuff out, there is at least $150 going back.
Did i mention the hotel is only 2 miles from DUKE, i thought we might get booed at while driving around there, luckily when we're checking in the receptionist admits she too is a UNC fan and we are safe.  She was great.  Of course we are hungry and she recommends the restaurant across the street.  Did I mention Sye was with us on this trip.  K's godfather.  Anyway so we headed across the street and order some chow, while waiting for the found K is exhausted and falls asleep in my lap, oh how sweet.  Sye suggests I get some champagne as i'm not driving so of course you can only order champagne by the bottle and i get what he recommends.  It wasn't bad, not that i can remember the name.  Of course being the person I am I finished the whole bottle myself, he had a pitcher of beer he was working on.  We had a great time chatting, just like old times.  So just before we're leaving the restaurant and i took my last sip out of the glass (by the way how do you have champagne in a restaurant but no champagne glasses, i had to drink form a wine glass, is that even legal :)  And of course since I'm in a goofy mood, i decide to end the night Indy still, there is a part in one of the movies where he goes to get an artifact from his old girlfriend and she has a bar where she is having a drinking competition and every time you finish a shot you have to turn the glass upside down so that the shot counts, so as we are about to get up to leave, I turn the glass up side down and the bottom pops off the glass, WHAT.  So we now scurry quickly out of there.  On the way out Sye says to the waitress it wasn't me and she just had a confused look on her face.  We were cracking up the whole way back to the hotel.
So the next morning we get up and of course have to head back to the student store so I can return some stuff but now that I can see I start all over again and end up buying more stuff anyway.  I love the student store though and you can't buy on-line from them so I have no choice right.  Anyway we finally hit the road and everything is going well until we hit Richmond.  I decide I want some Carrabbas and head into town and Sye's not hungry and goes shopping by the mall right by it.  I am hoping to convince K he doesn't want McDees by going there because I know he likes the food, it didn't work, he doesn't get McDees very often so there was no way he was giving that option up.  Anyway once we are done traffic is still bad, once we finally get out of Richmond traffic shortly after we hit DC traffic of course.  We finally make it back home and I get to go through all the stuff again YEAH.
That's about it.