08 August 2008

Tight Pic

I came across these pictures and I really liked them.  I wish I could catch something like this on my  camera. (the picture below is the one i really liked but i couldn't get it big enough to really enjoy)

04 August 2008

Finally some good news

After standing my ground with the boss, 20 minutes later he hands me a perfect (ok not perfect but good enough) job in Augusta, GA. I'll be working ComRel which I really like so it's not a bad offer. A hell of a lot better than Albuquerque. The schools are much better here according to test results, YEAH.
So these may not be as great as Panama City but I figure I have to keep reminding myself of these few facts, Augusta to:
Chapel Hill, NC 301 miles (4 hours)
Atlanta, GA 148 miles (2 hours)
Ottawa, Canada 1081 miles (16 hours)
Orlando, FL 398 miles (6 hours)
Jacksonville, FL 257 miles ( 3 1/2 hours)
Washington DC 546 miles (8 hours)
Fort Campbell, KY 456 miles (7 hours)
New Orleans, LA 611 miles (9 hours)
Montgomery, AL 303 miles (4 hours)
Columbia, SC 72.5 miles (1 hour)
One bad thing is, schools start Monday the 11th so by the time we get there and settled in my son should be about a month behind. Guess he'll be doing some extra homework :) (am I evil or what I've had him doing homework all summer haha) But the good part of this means they end 22 May and tickets to Germany should still be cheap then.
Back to a good thing, did I mention cost of living works nicely for my salary. In other words I can afford a nice little 3 bedroom (about 1400 Sq Ft) down there. Yup, that's right GUEST ROOM.
I have also been told I will need to take up golfing as it is a big golf city or something like that. I have already discovered where the tennis courts are and how much lessons my K will cost, same goes for swimming.
Did I mention Augusta has a Riverwalk, I loved the Riverwalk in San Antonio, I hope Augusta's is just as nice.
There is no zoo which is a little disappointing but I hear there is a good one in Columbia, SC besides we can go to Orlando for a weekend and swim with the dolphins.
Now for more bad. I looked at a calender and things are really getting tight. If all goes well and the paperwork I need comes by Thursday I will be very lucky to get out of here on time, if not who knows exactly when I will arrive down there. That's one thing I can 't control, time and paperwork so we'll see what fate has planned.
I think that's enough of an up-date for now. I am excited so I'm sure there will be more to come.

03 August 2008

Decisions: pros and cons

First off, I know it has been a while but such is life. It has definitely been a busy time though so it’s time to up-date.

I want to say I went to go see the Dark Knight movie, but I guess since everyone has been hyping it up so much, I didn’t think it was as good as everyone said. Anyway, I could have waited to see it on DVD.

Now I have had the perfect job offer and I don’t know what to do. I have been offered a job to work with the Air Force in Florida, Panama City to be exact. I have been trying to get a job with the AF every since I got out 6 years ago and it is very hard to get in the system. On the same day I was offered this position I received another email in regards to a position with the AF in Florida. So I am sitting there emailing the person saying I have already forwarded the paperwork their human resources person has requested. But then she emails me back in regards to an interview. Now I am confused, as I have already been offered the job. Come to find out there are two jobs at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, one that I have for sure and the other I have to interview for.

Also on the same day I receive an email about a job interview in Germany but it’s not as a PAO, it’s back to being what I was in the AF, a broadcaster. But I will do the interview anyway just to have options you never know and it is Germany so it would be nice to go back home.

Then the next day I receive another email about a job in Korea asking if I am still interested and would I like to interview. Of course I say yes because as above you never know, it’s nice to have options.

Of course all these options cause a big problem COST.

I'm going to leave it here for now as you never know what the next day holds.