14 January 2009

L.A. continued

OK So let me break down the Laugh Factory. Not nearly as big as we thought it would be and what was up with the MANDATORY 2 drinks, damn $45 isn't enough on tickets. It was aslo kind of ghetto but yet me still had fun. While we were upstairs waiting for the next show, there was this couple in front of us who smelled like a skunk had attacked them, and not matter where we went we couldn't get away from the smell, even as we were walking down the stairs to the show room. Luckily, they didn't sit near us or I dont think we could have made it. I tried to get my girl to sit in the front but she refused so we were in the second row. She thought we would get picked on if we sat up front but the comedians weren't that bad anyway so it wouldn't have matter, as far as I'm concerned.
So after the show we head up the street to the Hustler Store where of course my girl gets into with the stupid security guard there. There was this limo trying to do a 3-point turn in the dead-end road we had to go down to get to the Hustler Store's parking lot and my girl moves up to try and get out of the way and the security guard comes over and starts yelling at her, saying can't you see the guy is trying to get out. Then she gets into it with him saying she is trying to get out his way and dude should not have been trying to turn a limo in this small a$$ road. It was hilarious. Security guard dude had nothing to say back, he shut up and walked away.
We went in the store only for a hot second because by now it's after 1 which means for me it's like 4 in the morning. We head home and I knock right out, sweet.
Only to get up early again to do some more touring. Off we got to the Hollywood sign and it was a trip I'm sure watching us trying to get the sign in the background big enough for you to be able to tell what it says as well as me, without being actually close to it. It really didn't work out that well.
After that we were off to the street with all the stars on it and the place where the actors/actresses put the feet/hands in the cement. We took a couple of pictures with someone the starts I actually knew and off we went. By the way, we have yet to eat so we are all starving now and we choose this really good Greek Restaurant called Ulysses Voyage. The food was really good and I was stuffed when I left there. I had some zucchini patties fried, Tzatziki, hummus and a nice Greek salad and a Mimosa to top it off.
So after that we're off to Venice Beach and wonder around there. There we got o Malibu beach where we were going to have some crepes but it was impossible to find parking so we go to some ghetto want to be crepe place (definitely not worth the calories). after that we are off to Redondo Beach and that's where I see it, a real churro, what was so yummy and worth the calories, I should have had two of these instead of the crepe.
Now we are discussing dinner options, which considering we are all still full was silly but we do come to an agreement. I have never had Japanese so they have convinced me to try Tokyo Wako, but we're thinking way later.
We finally go there and have to wait until another couple arrives so that there are enough people at the table for the Chef to come out and cook in front of us. My girl ordered some cucumber/avocado sushi and it was delicious. And then I decided on the Filet Mignon and shrimp. All the food was very good.
So to wrap up the trip, Fri and Sat food was bad Sunday was filled with too much good food.
Over all the trip was a great success but too short.

12 January 2009

Trip to LA

Ok it has been a very busy weekend here in L.A. My girl was trying to stuff as much as possible into my visit and she did a great job but now I'm exhausted lol.

So the trip to LA has now come to an end and I am exhausted. Boy we did a lot of stuff in two days. It will probably take me a week to recover from everything.

Let’s see, Friday we started at a restaurant right after coming from the airport called Alpine Village. It was suppose to be an authentic German restaurant but let’s just say it was pretty ghetto and the food was average, this was not what I was expecting, man I miss Germany. That’s ok, hopefully we’ll be there in May J Damn ticket prices better start dropping though because right now they are $1330 or so. Anyway back to the LA trip.

So we get back from the restaurant and I’m tired as hell so off to bed I go.

Saturday we are up way early, 0700hrs (which technically isn’t that early for me considering the time difference but damn it I was tired) so we can get an early start to go wine tasting in Solvang, CA. Now on our way there, Nicky and Caesar are telling me about this movie I just have to see called Sideways that has to do with the area (ok I am basically putting the name in so I don’t forget later when I go to watch it). It ends up being a two-hour drive to Nicky surprise she thought it was about an hour. So we get there and it’s about 1030hrs and we are starving. So we stop at the tourist info booth and ask about which vineyards to go to and what restaurant to eat at. We figure we will eat then go taste some wine at one spot, as we don’t have too much time since we are having some BBQ at 1700hrs. We trot off to the restaurant the guy in the tourist booth told us expecting some good food; it may have equaled IHOP if we are lucky. It was mediocre but we were starving so what could we say. Now had we taken our time and walked around a bit first we came across several other nice looking places we were sure would have had better food, such is the punishment of impatience. We did buy a few things while walking around and then prepared to go to the vineyard. Now though we are a little skeptical in regards to if this place will be any good as the same guy from the booth had recommended it. As we pull up to the Sunshine Vineyard though, it looks promising.

We go pay our $15 to get the up-graded version of the wine tasting and start to have at it. Sometimes the little snacks they had were better than the wine lol. The best one we all agreed on was a red wine, Ethos 2005. I think we tasted a total of 12 wines, 4 whites and the rest reds.

On the drive back both Nicky and I were struggling to stay awake, man wine makes you sleepy. I managed to stay awake but Nicky on the other hand not so much.

So we’re off to....


Cesaer & Paul's house for BBQ where we manage to stuff our faces just in time to run out the door to get on our way to the Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd. (This is the part I have been looking forward to). We had a really good time. The picture below is of me and Dwayne Preston, MC for the night. Who by the way was one of the best we saw that night. He could have done a lot more and we would have been happy.

We saw :
Dwayne Perkins, *****
Natasha Leggeri , **
Jeremy Hotz, *****
Dom Irrera, *
Dane Cook, **

As you can see we had our favorites, and neither one of them was on the stage long enough.
As this blog is getting long I will continue on a new blog.