20 July 2008

A pretty boring day

Yeah it is Sunday and Army Wives is on tonight but before we get to that.  We are going out to see Speed Racer again with a good friend of mine who is moving back to CA, she didn’t like this area either.  We’re going to a spot that serves you dinner while you watch the movie.  We use to go to the Cinema CafĂ© all the time in Hampton but I hadn’t found one in this area.

I forgot to mention that on Friday after getting the loaner, we went grocery shopping at Safeway and I was able to use a $10 coupon I received in the mail from them and it worked no strings attached.  I was expecting there to be some kind of special requirement like buying only Safeway products.  I have 3 more coupons like that and I can’t wait to use them.  Oh before you think there are no rules attached there are, you have to spend 50 bucks but that’s not that hard in a grocery store when you are buying expensive ass fruits and vegetables.

Anyway so after getting home from the movies, my son barely made it to the bed and it was only 1830.  He’s still sleeping I hope he makes it through the night, only problem was I had plans to see a friend I hadn’t seen in 7 years oh well such is life.  There is always tomorrow. 

I am currently watching Army Wives and it’s getting interesting.  I think the new chick’s husband is doing something on the side to have the expensive stuff that they have, at least that’s how they are playing it out.

Tonight’s blog will be short.

Oops I forgot, I finished my book “Double Take” by Catherine Coulter, it was really good and very long but worth it.  Now I will start in the last one I took out, an Anne Perry book, they are completely different than the rest as it is set in a way back when time before cell phones and all the other fancy stuff like cars lol.

Commercial is over, got to go.

Damn him for being married

but he's still hot.  Coby Bell, if i could find me a cop that looked like that i'd be good.

the car

So of course it being Saturday that means my son gets up nice and early, this day being no exception, 0630.  So I take him off to his Tae Kwon Do class and keep hoping for the call from the dealership saying yes it really is only the battery it will cost 100 bucks you’re good to go but of course things never go like that. 

After Tae Kwon Do we’re of to the other house to do laundry as usual.  Due to the car issue I have decided to return quiet a few of the items I purchased from Aveda just in case the car tag is ridiculous.  But when I go to return the items, they don’t want to refund the money for everything so I only end up getting $65 back and the rest of the stuff is a credit.   So when we come back from the mall, I finally get the call from the Toyota people and yes it was the battery BUT they checked my brakes and I have zero brakes in the back and only about 45% in the front so of course they are advising new breaks cost $290, then they said that the power steering fluid area has some red fluid it in the container and it is suppose to be clear. 

I advise them to change the brakes.  They say the car will be ready at 1330 but I have to take my son to a birthday party at 1300hr so they will have to wait.  Off to the party we go and of course while I am there I start thinking about the car problems.  So even though I just had the power steering fluid flushed in February (I checked my receipts when I got back to the other house, also had to check when the brakes were done because I knew they had been done recently but they ended up being the front ones done in Oct)I have to get it done again because someone is an idiot, cost $ 126, on and did I mention the battery cost $119.  Basically when it’s all done current cost is $578.95 but of course they have recommended new tires soon (I already knew that), new timing belt and water pump and brakes in the front, cost don’t even want to imagine. 

So when talking to them at the b-day party, I start to ask why do I have to change the timing belt and water pump because I bought the car certified and I thought that meant they had replaced all the usual stuff. NOPE not the case, the only thing they do to make it certified is whatever has to be done according to the owner’s manual at the current mileage the car is being sold at.  So in other words it’s a big waste of money because certified vehicles usually cost about 3 to 4 grand more than non-certified.  It’s all-good though they when I bought my car and I gave them my trade in they gave me a lot more than it was worth so I guess we both came out even.  They screwed me I screwed them, but that was two years ago so it’s irrelevant now anyway.

So after the birthday party and going to get my car on our way home I have to fill up ($63 of course) and as I am pumping right in front of the gas station I see this car hauling ass in the fast lane but there is a car that looks like he is trying to pulling to the gas station form the fast lane and next thing you know, big crash.  The lady in the car gets out and starts cussing the dude out.  The cops came pretty quick and she was still cussing, the cop had to tell her to get back in the car several times because she kept interrupting when he was questioning the guy calling him a liar and all this other stuff.

Anyway even though I saw the crash I didn’t see everything that happened before it, so I didn’t bothering giving a witness statement.  Then I start explaining to my son how lucky we are that the car had only broken down and no one had hit us.  He mentioned the lady cussing the dude out and I was trying to explain to him sometimes accidents happen and getting upset doesn’t help anyone.  No one in the accident was hurt and there was only minor damage to both cars.  Of course this lead to a discussion on what about if you’re in a hurry or late for work and I of course try to explain that rushing somewhere isn’t worth getting hurt or dying.  Then I explain why I cuss people out sometimes, it’s not because they are hurrying, it’s because they are not driving properly, like not using their turn signal (which is one of my pet peeves).  I explain that using your signal lets other drivers know what you are doing and gives them time to react if they have to.  

The class continues and it doesn't end there

OK so the day has already started out bad.  We are sitting in the boring class and of course certain people had to reseat themselves to sit behind K & I.  I don’t like it when people sit behind me, especially since I had my things sitting behind me and now I had to move them beside me. 

Yesterday didn’t end that well either I went off to go shopping after I picked up my son from school which probably wasn’t the best idea since I was already tired and still trying to recover from the boredom.  I digress, so as I am in the process of going to the first store a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in 7 years calls me up to let me know he will be in town for a week so I am a happy camper now, but this of course distracts me so I didn’t notice that I was charged for something I shouldn’t have been at he first store.  Also after looking at the receipt from the first store I realize the nail polish I loved in Canada and therefore bought there for $11, only cost $3.99 here, what the hell.  So then I move on to the next store where there are no issues on the quick return (I am still on the phone during this time).  Now I move on to Home Depot and of course this is where things go array but I don’t realize it until later.  Then I’m off to the Auto parts store because the other day some lady behind me pulled up beside me to let me know my brake light was out. My original reason to going to the store was to get windshield wiper fluid so as I  am pulling out of the parking lot to go to Wal-Mart, I realize I bought the bulbs which was a secondary item but forgot the wiper fluid. 

So we finally get to Wal-Mart and off to the toy department we go and the whole time I am reminding myself not to forget the wiper fluid.  Also need to remember to get K to check to make sure the brake lights are now working but so far I have forgotten every time we were near the car. 

By the time we get home I am now exhausted and only have enough energy to heat the rice I cooked the other day and then stuff my face with cake.  I finally get my son to bed and decide to re-pot the plants into the new pots with the new soil.  After I finish and as I am putting the soil away I realize that I am officially either an idiot or blind, on the bag is a big pot with an X through it, the soil is not to be used for potting.  (I’m voting for the blind) WHAT they make soil that can’t be used in pots are you for real.  So now of course I have to go get new soil for POTS.  I knew I shouldn’t have gone to Home Depot, I don’t like the store to begin with, should have just gone to Lowe’s.

Now I am trying to decide where in ABQ I’m going to live.  I really want a house so I can have a little garden but the majority of house rentals are in Rio Rancho which is about 18miles from work but still under consideration as gas is cheaper there.  I could always have a little box of soil (I will have to make sure it is a type that can go in a box) on a patio or balcony but it would limit what I could grow.  On the other side of that I would be in a good school district AND close to work approximately 5 miles or so.  I am hoping to make a trip out there before the move if all goes well J

I couldn’t wait until the class was done so I could head to the mall for some alone shopping.  It’s funny how the little things can be a lot harder when you have a child to amuse with you.  Alone shopping is such a treat; of course I usually buy too much stuff and end up returning all of it J

I went to my high school alumni website site last night and it’s amazing how it has been up-graded. http://www.kahsalumni.org/  It’s nice to see old classmates giving up-dates.  I also went to another alumni site where it’s a little more personal, people can comment on your picture and send you notes ect. It’s just getting started, I think once it’s in full swing, it will be great too. http://ktownraiders.ning.com/

After the class finally ended and almost on time too, 1300hr or so, K & I head back home.  And there I finally remember to get her to check my break lights and all is well.  So off to the mall I go and end up spending much more at my Aveda store than I had planned.  Then I stop at the mini-mall area up the street.  I go into Barnes & Nobles to get some more books for the Book Fairy to drop off, then to Rack Room Shoes to see if I can find anything new, then to Target to get the wrapping paper for the birthday party.  Now I pick my son up, then we head to Lowe’s to get the Potting Soil to replace the non-potting soil I accidentally bought the other day. 

Here is where the day starts to get to sucky, we pull out of Lowe’s and are on Route 1 and of course there is a red light.  As I look at my dashboard, lights start going on, and then the car dies.  What the hell….. Yup in the middle of rush hour and in the fast lane I am now stuck unable to move.  It took the tow truck an hour to get there but at least 45 minutes into the wait some really nice men push us out of the main road and onto a side st.  When I called Toyota to get the tow they said the Tow truck driver would get us home but of course when we get to Toyota (5 minutes before closing) the driver says they don’t do that.  So now I have to go in a figure out how the hell I am going to get us home. I manage to talk the guy there to give us a loaner, thank goodness. The guy at Toyota said it probably is just the battery and he will let me know tomorrow.

At least I got my coupon from Starbucks for my free drink.  See being a rewards member does have its benefits.