14 June 2008

Another day another dollar

Well this actually continues from yesterday.
After getting home from work on Friday all I wanted to do was get into a nice refreshing shower to get that humidity off of me but no such luck. As my luck continues (remember this is the same day I found out my pay was messed up) there is no power, nada, nothing, nichts :( So even worse than no lights there is no A/C.
So I pack up all my stuff including the laundry as I had planned to do it, and take my son and my not so happy self to the other apartment where the laundry machine is very small. Oh did I mention also some food just to make sure that I could at least rescue some of it depending on how long the power was out for.
Then once we get to the apartment my son wants food but says his stomach hurts. Now I have to play the what's going to make you feel better game which is never what will really make him feel better. I make him go lay down for a while and then he said he was feeling better so he comes out to eat something. Now he wants to eat a bunch of stuff as he is feeling better but it's bedtime (kids try all the tricks lol). But I stand strong and tell him if he eats too much right away his stomach may hurt again. I win YEAH ME lol. So off to bed he goes but of course he doesn't go to sleep right away.
Finally I can close his bedroom door and I try to watch a DVD I just rented but it was horrible. I think it was called "There will be blood". Well I should say it didn't hold my attention.
So I finally finished all my laundry. And go to bed but right before I go to sleep, I realize that my son has Tae Kwon Do Saturday morning and I don't know if it's at 0900 or 0930.
So now morning comes and of course I can't sleep in, my body is to use to getting up at 0630.
We make it to the other house by 0800 and the power is back on YEAH so I can make breakfast for my son before he goes to Tae Kwon Do at 0930. After that we're off to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries and then here comes the dreaded moment of filling my gas tank. My Camry cost $65 today to fill up and yes that is with regular gas. After that I head around the corner to get my favorite Champagne I haven't had in a while (Henkell Trocken) but of course they are all out :( What else would I expect. But now we're back at the house chilling and I'm enjoying a cup of tea. Hopefully I can take a nap today before we head out again.

13 June 2008

So here is my first post. I have never done this before so don't expect too much.

Ok today is Friday, the big day before the Army's official birthday so work was hectic. We were running people all around the building getting them where they needed to be. The day flew by that is for sure. And if you don't know, the Pentagon is not a small place so I clocked several miles today(ok maybe a slight exaggeration lol)

On another note, today, was the first day that they messed up my pay. It's almost funny but not really, they forgot to put my timesheet in so of course they take all my leave and then the rest of my time is leave without pay. But once I contacted the right person (who thank goodness was in the office today) she took it to the person with the power and they handled it quickly so hopefully it wont affect me too badly.

And as usually I still don't know where I am going after my stint here. I'm hoping for somewhere in Germany but if all else fails maybe we'll get Texas. It's really hard not knowing where or when our next move is. In one way I want to be patient so that I can go where I want but in another I want to know where I am going so I can start researching and be prepared once I get there.

This coming September will be my son's first year in school so I have no clue what to expect. Today I toured a school he could go to if we don't leave the area before schools starts. Doesn't hurt to be prepared. It looks like a really good school and if he does go there even for a little while I think he will enjoy it and I know I will be confident that he will get a good education.