18 September 2013

Copa Cabana Brazilian Steakhouse - Niagara Falls, ON Canada

Make sure you are hungry before coming here. My son loved this place and he actually tried 18 different prepared meats. The atmosphere was great, the dancers were great and the service was very good. Only issue I had was that the drinks are super expensive, two glasses of wine were more than $20. We went twice while here but the second night wasn't as good, they were out of some of the meats my son enjoyed the first night. Some of the meat selections are boneless leg of lamb, cheese stuffed prime rib, chicken drumstick, filet mignon, top sirloin, lamb chops, skirt steak, garlic sirloin, flank steak, chicken breast, picana brazil, parmesan filet, beef ribs, rib eye, salmon, roasted pineapple, sausage, moroccan chicken, chimichurri steak and pork ribs. This is the most selection I have seen in any Brazilian restaurant. The sides were good but don't fill up on them, leave room for the meat. The price is typical Brazilian around $40-50 a person but under $20 for a child. While in Niagara Falls, definitely make this a place to have a meal.

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