18 September 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Concord, NC

We stayed for two nights in a Wolf Den Suite. This is our second time here. My son loved the room this time since he had his own little area. One of the things I found disappointing was the TV being way too small in the kids area and there was no table in the area which could have made some things convenient. The room has a microwave and a mini fridge so I made sure to bring some food as I was not going to eat in the hotel. I avoided eating at the hotel as I have heard it was overpriced and not very good. Even the snacks were very pricey as was water. The beds certainly are not comfortable nor are the sheets or pillows. We had an issue with the toilet but they fixed it within a reasonable amount of time.

We had no issues with check-in and did not use the online option. I did not though that it seemed like the online line did not go as quickly as the regular check in.

He loves to play the Magiquest but did not play as much this time as our last trip. The water park area definitely takes some getting used to. It is very hot and the air is very bad. I could not take it for long, the chemicals got to me. For an inside waterpark, it is pretty nice but I found the slides a bit boring but perfect for younger children The wave pool was nice but too packed with kids that weren’t paying attention and kept crashing into people.

If going to this hotel you have to expect kids running everywhere doing all the activities whether it's the arcade, virtual bowling, Magiquest or rushing around to get to the other activities. If you can live with that, it will be fun, this is definitely not a place for couples. The people there are very friendly and going out of their way to make you feel welcome and I have to give them great credit for that.

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