18 September 2013

Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake

We arrived very late but the people behind the desk were very friendly. Our room was right by the elevator which I didn't like too much. It was room 624. We also didn't have a very nice view but that's ok we didn't spend a lot of time in the room anyway. It was nice that there was a fridge but without a microwave it is almost pointless since if we brought food back to the hotel we would not have been able to reheat it. Another is with this room was that the bathroom is very small. Not much moving around space. I did like the beds and they were comfortable. We had an issue with the TV remote but again we barely used it so not a big bother. The hotel is very close to the space center although we did not visit it. There are a few places to eat not too far away, most importantly there is a Starbucks close by across from the McDonalds. We were there for a conference so didn't have much time to explore the area or use other amenities in the hotel. The food provided by the hotel was pretty good, lots of fresh fruit. Over all it was a nice hotel and if we come for vacation here, I would definitely stay here.

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