18 September 2013

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark - Niagara Falls

For a place that is geared towards families, I have to say our experience was horrible. First I have to tell you that the water park is on the top floor of a parking garage. This may seem unimportant but because of our experience it is very important. We will never again go to any indoor water park that is not on a ground level. Great Wolf Lodge would probably be much better bet.
So the experience did not start out negative. My son had about an hour and a half of fun and that was it. And I do understand the situation that happened is not within the control of the water park but what is, is how they handled the whole situation.
A car caught on fire with excessive smoke right below the water park. The water park had to be evacuated immediately. You could smell the smoke and see it coming in. I completely agree with this and glad they did it. But here is the problem. I could not find my son. I let one of the employees know who was very nice, he took my son’s name and info and I also handed over a picture. And I proceeded to leave as instructed. I also spoke with several other employees as I was leaving asking if they had seen my son. I did of course eventually find my son who was crying to no end. I asked him why he didn’t go to an employee and tell them he couldn’t find me. To my surprise he told me he did but was told to keep going. This is unacceptable. There should be something in place for kids who are unable to find their parents. You do not let a 10 year old child evacuate a building without an adult or at least a designated area for him to go to where parents can find their children and where they will be safe.
My son wanted nothing to do with this place after this incident and nor did I. I find the handling of this situation incompetent and laughable to say the least.
I usually have photos but since we did not stay anywhere near the 6 hours I thought we would, I did not get a chance to take any photos.

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