18 September 2013

Montego Bay- Jamaica - 6 nights Nice

This was definitely interesting. I booked this trip with a new website I had never used before so I wasn't quiet sure what I had gotten myself into. I felt comfortable using cheapcaribbean.com for the 1st time after some minor research with the Better Business Bureau but I was still a little anxious on how our trip would turn out.

The first sign that things were going well was when I was able to locate my airline reservation almost immediately after booking my trip. I was able to pick seats and set-up up-dates to my phone via text messages. I had never flown with American Airlines so this was another new experience.

For the price I paid, I was very pleased. My son had a great time and so did I.
It is close to the airport and it was a bit of a wait to check in.

Our room was beside the main pool, first floor. It was very convenient for quick trips to the room while at the pool but noisy at night with the entertainment. Also guests for running around yelling up until 4 in the morning. The other issue was the A/C which was pretty loud but we didn't really need it so no big loss.

The beach although nothing very special was perfect for my son as it was maybe ankle deep. It was a nice view to relax to though and the pool was right there if you wanted water.We did not use the kids club as my son wanted to stay in the pool all the time.

The buffet food was ok and the restaurants were about the same. My son always had something available that he could eat if he wanted and that was the most important things. It is definitely a family resort. There were lots of kids my son made friends with.

The spa is great and the prices are reasonable, not what I expected at all. Usually at hotels, the spa over charges for everything. Just as an example, a pedi is $45 and a body wrap $80-90. They have a wonderful tub you get to soak in after your wrap and it was so relaxing.

Internet is very expensive and I am glad I did not bring my laptop. Besides you're on vacation , who needs it. The gift shop is over -priced but you can go across the street and get some good deals there, which I recommend. It's a small area so don't expect too much. Besides that there really isn't anything close.

The drinks seemed ok but a little watered down. There really wasn't much of a wait if there was, all you have to do is go to the inside bar.

You can't beat this hotel for the price and the room was good enough to sleep in which is all we really did.

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