18 September 2013

Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa

We arrived very early around 7am so it was no surprise that our room would not be ready but it would have been nice. The reception we received was very friendly and we enjoyed the complimentary drink. We were able to get into our room around 1pm. The room was supposed to be an ocean view but it was hard to see through the trees and all the other things. It was not close to the ocean. We had room 263 and it faced the entrance to the water slide. The room itself is a little small considering this is a five-star resort. The bathroom is very small, just space for the toilet and the walk-in shower. The maid Rina ways exceptionally friendly and made our stay amazing. She did her best to make sure we had everything we needed but sometimes as others have stated towels were not available. The breakfast was pretty good, a nice variety. Champagne and coffee to order was a nice added benefit. You could also order eggs anyway you liked and had a variety of breads ad juice to choose from. The rest of the breakfast was pretty much the same every day except for a few alternating items i.e. hash browns on Thursday then again on Saturday ect. The pool is not as large as the pictures make it out to be but it is very nice.
The staff is very friendly and made my son feel very good after an injury. If you have small kids you should be careful of the nightstand by the bed. My son scouted to far back and hit his head on the edge which required stitches. The doctor the hotel called cost $185 Fijian but she came to our room and was very nice. She treated my son in the room making him more comfortable but he didn't feel up to much after the accident. Good thing we were leaving the next day. The on-duty manager even sent him a fruit plate and small gifts to cheer him up. He was very pleased with that.
Be prepared that the 30 minutes of free internet rarely ends up being 30 minutes due to the fact that it also counts MBs. Whichever you use up first then time is up. The longest I managed to stay on was maybe 15 minutes with just checking basic email and a quick Facebook check. Even if you pay for the internet, once you have used a certain amount you can either continue at a slower speed or pay for an up-grade. It's about .60 per minute when you choose the 2-hr option.
We only ate dinner here once since it is pretty expensive approximately $86-91FJD per person. My son really enjoyed it though. It was their steak night. You have a few choices of steak and they then cook it for you the way you like plus many other items to select from the buffet. My son also really enjoyed the mini steak he could order for room service but did not enjoy the pasta from the turtle menu.
The Denarau port is within easy walking distance, maybe 15 minutes but you can also take a taxi for $5 FJD each way or the Bula Bus which is $8.50 per person for the whole day and goes all around the island.

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